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How Important is Video Content for Musicians?

Let’s face it. Content is King.
Whether your goal is SEO, general exposure, or branding, there’s no denying the importance of constantly putting out content.

When trying to get your music out there, you have to make use of the powerful player in the game.

Yes, I’m talking about Video Content.

Video Content has been a major asset for attracting your target audience and standing out. When you have platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo dominating the market… it’s safe to say video content is only facing more growth.

While it’s used for social media exposure, creating promotional & music videos, filming live performances, and so on… Video Content captures the essence of your music brand and what you’re music is about, giving potential fans a chance to connect with you and making them more likely to check out your songs.

You already know that it’s a good use for an effective content strategy. But how important is it really?

Why is Video Content so Important?

Music on the internet is consumed in many ways, but according to the 2019 report by the Music Industry Blog, YouTube has been the dominant music streaming platform. This highlights not only the importance of perfectly-crafted music videos but also that people are choosing to consume video content more in contrast to audio content.

The chance to reach masses of people visually (and not just through music) enables you to establish a better connection with the audience. It brings the viewer a lot closer to you and enables them to be more involved.

Youtube on Smartphone

Streaming has revolutionized the music industry, but Video Streaming is the real emperor!
According to Finances Online, Global Video Streaming Revenue, which steadily increased from 2017 to 2019, will keep growing by about 1% in the next few years.

In 2020 and the following years, people will keep accessing music on YouTube. Actually, they are likely to access music on the video platform even more than ever.
This means that video production will have the same importance as audio production, so you will need to stand out with all kinds of video content.

Youtube Music

Video content is easier to consume, it shows credibility and is more likely to go viral than audio content.

While already being the dominant player in streaming, YouTube has recently launched YouTube Music, a music service that provides an interface for the service-oriented towards music streaming.

According to Audio Central, Youtube Music is very much likely to expand and take over the streaming king-Spotify, due to Youtube’s brand power and popularity.

“You already use YouTube for music. Google just needs to convince you to pay for it.”

This brings more to the table on why you should invest in video content. Music Videos have a way of speaking for themselves through visual expressions.

Let’s take a look at “This Is America” by Childish Gambino for example.

The video talks about the state of America and makes various references throughout. The way Glover walks, dances and situations he finds himself in all explain real events and conflicts that couldn’t be interpreted by people without the music video.
The video resulted in going viral and surpassing 12.9 million views in under 24 hours!

This shows how significant visual expression is, and how you can use video content to convey further messages as well as to establish a connection with the viewer.

Music Streaming Infographic
This Infographic by Statista shows the rise of US Music Streams in recent years.


Many established musicians are already using the importance of Video Content to provide multiple versions of music videos for the same song. Such as Lyric Videos, Behind The Scenes videos to inspire and display their craft, as well as the Music Videos they put together.

In fact, they are more likely to do that at this time since Billboard’s update on including youtube streams to their album charts.

This means you will have many more options to rise on top of the charts if you invest in well-put video content, whether it’s on Youtube or any other social media account.

Video streams have counted toward many of Billboard’s song-specific charts since 2013, but it is the first time they are incorporated into the albums chart.

Don’t underestimate the power of Video Content

Investing in video content is a must as it can be used for many purposes. It is highly effective when you’re seeking exposure and trying to attract future listeners though.

This article is the start of a series aiming to help you understand the importance of video content, and how you can utilize it for your growth as a music artist.
In order to start using videos and get your music heard, stay tuned for the next part of this series to find out what types of video content you should be putting out.

Nevertheless, comment down below regarding your views on the importance of video content!

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