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How Crucial is Social Media for Your Fanbase Growth?

Social media has made a huge impact on today’s Music.
It has changed the ways we connect with each other and became a turning point for huge industries by offering a new method of engaging with an audience.
Recently, it’s been very beneficial for artists looking to brand their music in the new changing music industry.

Almost every fan can now voice their opinion on industry-related topics and connect with their favorite artists in many ways. Artists are using that to their benefit, reaching masses of potential fans through selected easy-to-use platforms, and engaging with them through daily content.

Today, I’m here to tell you why you should use social media’s longevity to your benefit and how you can build a major advantage on artists who aren’t using it properly.
First, let’s take a look at how social media changed the music industry by shaping its business, marketing and branding.

How did Social Media shape The New Music Industry?

As for today’s digital takeover, Social Media has become an important factor for musicians to market their music and share their lifestyle for maximum engagement.

The increase of its popularity within the industry encouraged young artists to have more power over their authenticity and brought them the freedom to create original content for free.

They can promote their own music, their own niche, and unique fan-base.

Social media has led artists to change the way they market themselves and has changed the way music is put out to the world.
It became a place that brings artists and fans closer together. There is so much more interaction and engagement which leads to fans having more influence on the artist’s music distribution.
This new method has made it easier to reach more of your potential fans as well as increasing your possibility of getting noticed.
Once you’ve built a following, the ball just keeps rolling.

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When long ago you had to appeal to millions of people in order to succeed, social media has opened a road for you to market yourself in an easier way, effectively helping you in increasing engagement with your target audience.
But why is how important can it be to build a steady, loyal fanbase?

Why is Social Media Engagement Crucial?

The beauty of social media marketing begins with understanding how to reach your next fan.

A study published in 2018 found that nine out of 10 social media users do a music-related activity within the framework of a social app, according to data compiled by research and analysis firm MusicWatch.

Your fans are all over social media, waiting for your next move, next project, next post, etc.
It’s your job to give them what they desire if you’re looking to increase your following and gain Fans.

New platforms are created every day. You never know where your next fan will be, that’s why it’s is so important to be a part of it. Platforms like TikTok and Lasso are stepping into the frame and will only keep growing.
So you need to be ahead of the competition and be present on those emerging platforms, not just the established ones.

Also, having an online presence on all platforms gives people a sense that your a professional and taking your music seriously.

Even if you’re not a fan of using these platforms… this is something you have to take advantage of in order to gain fans.

Social Media is a market full of potential fans who are discovering new music every day. If you’re not properly engaging with your audience, another artist will.

As you already know… Your fanbase plays an important role in your success, so you have to work on adding more potential fans to your journey to make sure you get more of your music played.
And where is there a better place to engage with them than on social media?

Final Thoughts

Understanding the importance of social media in this day and age is not enough to take you to the next level. To find success with Social Media Marketing, you need to spice up your strategy and work through months of engaging and analyzing your audience.

It’s very much about testing, seeing what works out for you when you use the platform and how you use it. Here are 8 tips to help you maximize your efforts with Social Media Marketing.

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