6 Daily Tasks to sharpen your performance skills

Sometimes, rising artists find it hard to get into the habit of performing and lack the knowledge as well as skills for throwing an awesome performance. A performance that will not only put them on the map but also leave an unforgettable experience for their fans.

Getting into the habit of performing, (and, more importantly, performing well) can be a challenge for many artists starting out. That said, integrating certain specific habits into your daily schedule can do wonders for improving your ability to produce a solid live show.

When it comes to performance skills, you must practice frequently to achieve that on-stage dominance, the confidence, to be unshakeable and give your fans a show they will keep bragging to their friends about being a part of.
To prepare for your next performance (and the following ones in the future), I suggest building a daily practice habit to sharpen your skills.
Here explore the six daily practices that will help you be at your best performance-wise.

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