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When “DIY” Doesn’t Work Anymore

When it comes to young musicians, there is a common misconception about being an independent DIY artist.

While it’s true that the modern music industry has opened up more opportunities for independent artists than ever… This has led to many promising young talents taking the ‘do it yourself’ mentality completely to heart, sometimes with negative consequences.

Success is Associated with Building a Team to help you achieve it.

In this guest post at HypeBot, I present a brief guide on how to build a winning team as a musician. It’s important for musicians to be aware of the fundamentals of team building, and how it can be beneficial for sustainable success.

Here explore why just DIY isn’t enough anymore.


6 Daily Tasks to sharpen your performance skills

Getting into the habit of performing, (and, more importantly, performing well) can be a challenge for many artists starting out. That said, integrating certain specific habits into their daily schedule can do wonders for improving the ability to produce a solid live show.

When it comes to performance skills, musicians must practice frequently to achieve that on-stage dominance, the confidence, to be unshakeable and give their fans a show they will keep bragging to their friends about being a part of.

In this publication at MusicThinkTank, I advise artists on how to prepare for their next performance, by building a daily practice habit to sharpen their skills.

Here explore these six important daily practices.