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Below are published articles and blog posts that I have written. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I’m open to taking on projects in other industries.

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How Important Are Social Media Algorithm Updates For Musicians?

When done effectively, SMM can lead to a bigger following as well as more engagement from your target fanbase.

However, social media growth can be determined by many factors, and the biggest one is understanding the algorithm of each platform you’re posting on.

As a music artist who’s trying to grow their following on socials, you have to constantly keep up with the updated algorithms, or else you’ll find yourself facing a constant struggle.

In this post I wrote at MusicThinkTank, I advise artists on catching up with social media algorithms to make the most out of their marketing efforts.

Here explore how Important Are Social Media Algorithm Updates For Musicians?

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8 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Efforts With Social Media Marketing

Understanding the importance of social media in this day and age is not enough to take you to the next level.

To find success with Social Media Marketing, you need to spice up your strategy and work through months of engaging and analyzing your audience.

It’s very much about testing, seeing what works out for you when you use the platform and how you use it.

In this guest post at Indie On The Move, I present to you these 8 tips which will guarantee you positive results if you implement them properly and consistently.


6 Daily Tasks to sharpen your performance skills

Getting into the habit of performing, (and, more importantly, performing well) can be a challenge for many artists starting out. That said, integrating certain specific habits into their daily schedule can do wonders for improving the ability to produce a solid live show.

When it comes to performance skills, musicians must practice frequently to achieve that on-stage dominance, the confidence, to be unshakeable and give their fans a show they will keep bragging to their friends about being a part of.

In this post I wrote at MusicThinkTank, I advise artists on how to prepare for their next performance, by building a daily practice habit to sharpen their skills.

Here explore these six important daily practices.


Online Courses Certificates

It is my responsibility to stay updated with the latest practices of my profession, therefore providing you as much value possible!
Below are some online courses I took throughout the past year:

1. The Complete Copywriting Course-Udemy

2. Writing Tools & Hacks Online Course-Udemy

3. Online Marketing Fundamentals-eMarketing Institute