Do you have what it takes to be The Most Influential Artist?

About 2 months ago, BBC named Young Thug the 21st Century’s Most Influential rapper.
Although it has been an awfully criticized claim, there’s no denying the Huge Influence of the Atlanta Native.

Whether you agree with him being named the most influential or not, being a fan or a hater, Jeffery Williams (aka Young Thug) has made a massive impact on the rap game.
Contributing to the scene of so-called “Mumble rap”, and influencing most of today’s upcoming hip-hop artists.

In my opinion, Musicians can learn a lot from Thugger’s work. And by breaking down the case behind his influence and hip-hop dominance, I advise you to reflect your career status and take this into consideration, in order to become the next most influential artist.

What makes an Influential Music Artist?

From The Beatles, 2pac, Whitney Houston, And Nirvana, to Drake, Beyonce, Adele, and now, Young thug. The list goes on.
The Music Industry has been and always will be filled with influential figures.

Even Thug himself once acknowledged the influence he has on upcoming hip-hop artists. In an Instagram live broadcast, he once said: “I made the way for young n****s to open up and be themselves. I did this. I got crucified.”
In addition, he has been mentioned by several rappers to be responsible for today’s new hip-hop sound.
“I think Thug is responsible for 75 percent of the rap style that’s going on right now,” said Tory Lanez in a recent interview with Hot 97.

History has shown us that fans have a propensity to admire Influential Artists more, in contrast to skillful ones.
But what is it that they have that brings influence into the frame?
Is it the music that makes the difference?
Is it the sound and the energy? Or is it the persona, actions, process that puts them on the map as the most influential?

Original Sound

When we talk influence… we’re not talking about the numbers. It’s not always about what an artist achieves that gets him to the top. It comes down to the personality of the individual artist, and how he displays it within his music.
When it comes to Young Thug, a big contributor to his influence in the Music Industry was experimenting with new sounds.

Original Sounds.

Although he’s been heavily influenced by the artist Lil Wayne, Young Thug brought the new style of rap (“Mumble Rap”) to a high state of superiority.
Instead of implementing the art of wordplay and rhyme scheming into his rap music, he expresses his feelings more purely through sounds.

Black Mixer

Final Thoughts

As a Music Artist, you’re more than thrilled to chase the top trends and go with the flow. However, that might not be the best thing to do when you’re trying to stand out in a sea full of potential artists.

Unfortunately, Music (especially Rap) nowadays is in a repetitive state.
So if being an influential artist is something you aspire to be, you need to identify your uniqueness and showcase your authenticity through an original sound. That will make people recognize your creativity and originality… And that is what Thug did.
Not only by bringing the new hip-hop sound but also through his style and personality.

Being unique and original doesn’t mean you need to come up with crazy, weird trends. It means being yourself and not being afraid of doing it. Start experimenting with your music and with the time you will find a sound that represents you to the Fullest.

Who knows… maybe you’ll have what it takes to be The Next Most Influential Artist!

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