The Hard Truth about “Making It” in The Music Industry

In a time where so many youngsters aspire to get into music, it’s a constant battle to be ahead of the competition.
The amount of musicians fighting for the same opportunities is growing, and only the ones who stand out are able to make it.
But how are they able to stand out and break into the industry in a sea full of rising artists?

Well, becoming a professional musician is not about having musical abilities alone.
It’s about growing your artistic brand, treating your music as a business, promoting it and reaching new ears every day.

In fact, “making” it in the Music Industry is becoming even easier and easier nowadays, due to the rise of technology and digital resources.
Yet somehow, so many young artists fail to break through and get noticed. It all comes down from the approach you have towards your music career.

If you’re looking to pursue a professional career in music, but can’t seem to take the next step or see progress, there are 3 things holding you back from actually “making it”.

1. You lack tolerance for learning and experimenting

The majority of young artists nowadays tend to ask the same question.
“How can I become a famous/successful musician fast?”

Truth is, as in everything else in life, to become successful you need to experiment, try, fail, and fail again.
Always study and learn from other successful people who did it before you. Try everything for yourself and know what works best.

You shouldn’t be focusing on how you can “make it” fast. Instead, focus on how you can “make it” better than your competition.
Learning about The Music Business is easier than ever due to this digital age where all the information is online.
Having the right business knowledge helps you understand how the industry works, and how to make the right decisions regarding your career, which equals success in the long run.

You either make an effort to learn about The Music Business yourself or take guidance from a professional.

Learning about it yourself would be the better choice since it means not depending on anyone else, and taking responsibility for your work.
Start doing what you love to do, learn how to be best at it, experiment, work on improving your mindset and enjoy the process.

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2. You’re relying too much on Your Talent

Music is more than talent, it’s a business. A business combined from marketing your product and putting it out to the world in a professional way.
I know you have amazing talent, but you need to have an ability to market that talent. Managing your talent and treating it as a business can multiply your chances of achieving success more than just talent alone.

If you’re not serious about learning the Music Business then you’re just not ready to pursue a music career.
Talent is the foundation, and you have to build on it.

There are a lot of talented people out there trying to get noticed every day. We all know a bunch who were very gifted but didn’t have what it takes to be successful.
There are also plenty of artists out there who don’t have the greatest musical abilities and talent, but they became worldwide known acts. I’m sure you’re thinking of some at this moment.

It’s not because they had crazy connections within the industry (although it is sometimes the case). But they were serious about their music career and were ready to take on a more professional route by learning the Business side.

They formed a team, they committed to learning, they invested in marketing and monetizing, and so on.
They weren’t hung up on relying solely on their talent.

Talent alone is almost always not enough. It’s what you do with it that makes the difference.

Even if you’re insanely talented, you have to put the work in and use your talent wisely. This is how you build a successful music career.

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3. You’re not showcasing Authenticity

The Music Industry is full of artists of all kinds. Every artist is trying to get noticed and take on the same opportunity as you. It’s a competition, and only the ones who stand out can take the win. So let me ask you this…
What makes you better than the other thousands of artists out there?
Why should I listen to you?
What makes you so special?

A lot of artists mistake these questions to be solely about talent when in reality it’s about authenticity and creativity. It’s about building your own brand and creating an image. That is what defines your success. That is what makes you stand out in the ever-expanding music industry.
Standing out as an artist has never really been just about the art.

Unfortunately, music (especially rap) nowadays is in a repetitive state. Repetitive when it comes to sound, names, branding, etc.
Yet within this repetitive state, I still hear about new authentic artists coming out from time to time.
How? Because they managed to stand out between thousands of artists trying to do the same thing. And if they’re music is as good as their branding… then you best be sure they’re going to be heard of a lot over the years.

If you want to become a successful musician, identify your uniqueness and clarify your “why”. That will make people recognize your creativity and originality.
Don’t be in a rush to stay relevant in an attempt to stand out. Let your brand and image make a mark and speak for you.

Final thoughts

Building success in the music industry is a process with many steps to follow.
The most important thing to remember is, don’t rush into anything, stay consistent and try to mix it up if you feel stuck.

Have a motivated mindset and strive to keep learning.
Once you get the ball rolling, it’ll become easier for you to get familiar with the business aspect of music.
I believe in you!

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