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Be the One to Make a Change in the Music Industry

The Music Industry has been growing at a steady pace for the past decade. So many people want to become musicians, whether they’re seeking it for the Passion or the Money.

In some way, mainstream music has lost its taste since it’s been leaning towards a repetitive sound.
You might say it’s because people are looking more on the financial potential the music industry has, and not the artistic nature of it.

As a Music Artist, you’re more than thrilled to chase the top trends and go with the flow. However, that might not be the best thing to do nowadays when it’s so hard to stand out.
Remember, there are thousands of potential artists out there fighting the same battle.

To become a successful musician is to put in the work, and understand it’s a long-term game.
With so many one-hit wonders nowadays, more and more artists are starting to favor quantity over quality.

People seem to enjoy that, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last long enough for the artist to benefit from it.

Making a Sound to Leave a Mark

What got me into creating this kind of post was a video of Lil Tecca I recently checked out online.

As you might not know, Lil Tecca is a rap artist that blew up in 2019 with his single “Ransom”. The song went viral on TikTok and lead to his early fame.

The video shows Lil Tecca asking a so-called “fan” to name three of his songs, which obviously, the “fan” failed to do.

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#liltecca “fan” couldn’t name three of his songs 😅 Follow @bars for more

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Let’s be honest, you can’t name any other song than “Ransom” too… and that’s sad. Of course, Tecca still doesn’t have a big music catalog to look through but I would expect a “fan” to name at least 3 songs.

To be remembered by only one hit song is something I can’t wish for any of you. For that reason, I decided to create this post and help you see the bigger picture.

1-Shift your mindset:

As a musician starting out in a saturated market, you need to think about what makes you stand out. Your sound needs to give people a taste of you. Your style should be one of your own.
Understand that originality must be showcased to be remembered.

Your mindset should focus on growing and developing as a musician. Give yourself a break, it doesn’t happen overnight.
It takes time to find what makes you unique, so don’t rush into it as most young musicians do today.

Let’s make one thing clear though…

I do advise young musicians to favor quantity over quality at the start of their careers, but for one reason only. No one cares about your music when you still haven’t built a name for yourself.
If you don’t have a following (or a relatively small one) then you should be dropping music more often than established musicians.

Nobody even knows you for you to go and drop an album. Stick to singles, keep dropping music and take the opportunity to develop your sound… Which brings me to my next tip.


One of the ways to develop your sound is by experimenting with it.

As I already mentioned, originality is important. Finding a sound that defines you needs time to take place. Commit to your creative passion, be authentic in your work and the way you share it.

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People are more likely to become lifelong fans if they recognize your creativity and originality.
Keep trying. The time will come when you’ll find a sound that represents you to the Fullest.

Use your other passions to define what you’re about. To define your sound. Identify what makes you different and use your music to share it with the world. And don’t forget to look back at your biggest inspirations…

3-Find your influence:

Defining your sound can also be aid by taking inspiration from the best to do it.

Who are the artists that speak to you the most? Which ones did you grow up listening to?
And how can their music inspire you to create your own?

Once you recognize these influencers, think about the things that made them an inspiration to you.
Was it their style? Their craft? Their mindset? Or is it their drive for success?

Whatever it is, try to take it and implement it into your style of music (don’t copy them of course).

Keep Moving Forward

Hopefully, this post has made you re-think the process of becoming a successful musician. We’re all different, so you need to find what works best for you, hence the importance of experimentation.

So get up, get back in the studio, and keep doing what you love to do. I believe in you!

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