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How to Keep Growing Your Music Career During Social Distancing

The world is facing a hard time currently due to the spread of the coronavirus. As a result of this pandemic, many people have had to take a step back from their routines and daily life… and settle for the new norm.
Unfortunately, the plans of many creatives were disrupted by this situation. Me and you included.

On the one hand, we can call it a day and make excuses about why we’re not working on our dreams while we’re quarantined. On the other hand, we can keep our sight on the bigger picture and find ways to stay productive, therefore take advantage of the cards we’re dealt with.

It can be hard to stay motivated during these times. However, a little self-discipline goes a long way.
Hence, here are 3 ways you can keep growing and working on your music career while you’re quarantined.

A gentle reminder:

Before we get onto it, I want to let you know that it’s okay to not feel okay right now. Allow yourself to freak out. Many emotions can come to us when we’re far away from our loved ones, not to mention staying inside all day long.

Let yourself have a few unproductive days. If anything… this will only help you relax more and get back stronger when the world is back on its feet.

Now that we’re done with that, let’s get into the tips you’re reading this for.

1- Start a new project

Ever wanted to do something but never had the time for it?
Now is the time for you to start working on it.

This can be working on a new album, starting a new side hustle, opening a podcast. ANYTHING.

This will not only keep you productive during these strange times, but it will also leave you with a new source of income/hobby when all of this is over.

To get this going as usefully as you can… here are a set of tasks that’ll help you dictate what’s best to work on.

  1. Take out a piece of paper, and write down all the things you wanted to accomplish/work on but never had the time for.
  2.  Secondly, point out from the list all the things that align with your long-term goals and will contribute to your career growth.
  3. Write down the things you pointed out on another piece of paper.
  4. Figure out what steps you have to take to accomplish each one.
  5. Write an action plan and start off.

Try it out for yourself!
And REMEMBER, pick something that aligns with your long-term goals, not jeopardize your career.

List of goals

2- Expand/Improve our Skillset

Staying in for a while can turn you crazy if you’re not doing something that keeps you productive.

Another thing you can do to grow your career furthermore can be to expand your set of skills and improve your current ones.
Skills that can contribute to your success in the Industry. Skills that’ll make you an expert in some fields of your music career.

Here are 4 skills you can learn/improve while in quarantine:

1. Social Media Marketing:

This is the best time to be connecting and engaging with your fans, as well as other artists.
Use your time to check up on your fans and improve your relationship with them. Engage in their posts and establish a deeper connection.

Talk to fellow artists and see what they’ve got going on. You could potentially collab with them since everyone is quarantined and have more time to work on music.

2. Content Creation:

People have more time to consume content… so use that for your advantage by posting more and more. This will only help you reach further potential listeners.

Not a lot of artists will use this time to create content, be the exception!
Give your audience value and work on better and more engaging content.

3. Self-Discipline:

You’re not going to have a great time in this quarantine. None of us are… but that’s okay. If you use your time effectively, things may turn out for the best.

Create a routine, schedule, and a set of habits. It may not be easy, but it will give you a headstart to work on what matters the most and you’ll be able to stay disciplined.

4. Songwriting:

This quarantine gives us a lot of time to reassess our creative skillset. If you feel like your songwriting skills could use a push… this is the best time to improve them.

Take courses, watch youtube videos, read blogs. There are literally hundreds of resources out there to help you achieve whatever you’re trying to.

Extra tip: Creating a songwriting habit will effectively make you better at it. For me, working on my craft every morning for 2 consecutive hours worked wonders.


3- Study the Music Business

Make your time valuable by consuming new knowledge. Educate yourself on the Music Business. If you’re looking to grow your music career and earn money from your songs, you have to learn the Music Business.

The Music Career Guide was made to educate artists like you about the music business.
Anything from marketing and record deals, to performance tips and songwriting… you can find here.

Before you head off…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re staying safe during these wild times. This isn’t easy for none of us and the least we can do is take care of ourselves.

I hope you’re hangin’ in there, and I hope I managed to help you find something to keep you busy and productive.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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