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5 Common mistakes musicians make when they start getting noticed

It takes years of hard work, pain, sweat, and sacrifice just to be able to start getting noticed in the music industry, and all it takes to bring everything you built down to rubbles are common mistakes that you can easily avoid.

If you’re a young musician starting to get some attention, here are 5 grave mistakes you should avoid to build a successful music career.

1. Looking for help in the wrong place

Be careful who you ask for advice. Avoid asking friends, family and other loved ones for helping you out when they know nothing about the music industry themselves.

Laying your ears to naive advice at the start of your career can virtually stop you from thinking ahead.
Along with that, keep yourself away from people who don’t have a desire for some adventure, lack ambition and always try to bring you down with negativity.

Hanging out with people who make you question your dreams and goals can make you doubt yourself and your potential.

2. Spending too much time on social media

Using social media to market your music is a great idea to launch yourself into the game but it must not be overdone.

However, spending too much time promoting yourself on YouTube or Instagram is one of the very common mistakes musicians make to damage their careers.

As it can put record companies off as they look for more generic traffic, views and following.

They know that fake views and likes can be bought with very little money.
Instead what they can evaluate you on is a personal website. Relying solely on your social media to promote your work can show non-seriousness and can put your career at risk.

3. Moving to a bigger city

The place you belong to or live in doesn’t really impact your business.

Another common mistake young musicians make when they first start getting noticed is that they plan on moving to big cities thinking it’s going to improve their career.

The bigger a city is, the more competition there is to face especially for someone who has just started.

Changing your location can hurt your chances of establishing your name and waste a lot of your energy in settling in a new environment that you can otherwise utilize in a better way for your music.

4. Too much focus on increasing fan-base

Having more and more fans like your music is extremely fulfilling but that is simply not enough.

It’s not the number of people who like your music that make a strong fan-base, it more about making your current fans love you and your work as much as possible. Through them, your fan-base has more chance of expanding.

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5. Copying what other musicians do

There are thousands of other musicians and singers out there making music and looking for a place in the industry. What makes you stand out and be different? Original music.

When you try to copy someone else, you lose the originality of your work that made you who you are in the first place.

Focus on developing as a musician for the sake of building a sustainable career, building your personal brand and trying new things.

These are the common mistakes you should avoid when you start getting noticed… and if you’re still working on that, make sure to take notes so you could upper hand the competition and be ready for shifting your career in a better direction.

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