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This is your Biggest Challenge when Becoming a Successful Musician

In a time where the music industry is growing in massive progress, there can be a lot of new challenges to upcoming musicians.

Common challenges you may face are the difficulty to stand out, build a fanbase, and grow your brand. Yet sometimes we fail to look at the biggest one-Our mind.

That’s correct. Your mind can be your biggest enemy. In many ways, you may fall into mental blocks that’ll keep you from flourishing and achieving a successful music career.

Some of these mental blocks consist of self-doubt, overthinking musical creations, and putting yourself under unnecessary pressure, just so you can “make it” fast.
A lot of us seem to deal with these mental blocks at one point or another. But how do we break free from them?

The key is to control your mind, and thoughts you produce, not the other way around. Your mindset can be your biggest asset. At the end of the day, only you can decide if you want to utilize your mind for growth or fail from a fixed mindset and negative self-reflection.

Your mind is a Key Factor in your Success/Failure

We sometimes underestimate the power we have in terms of personal growth.
We are capable of so much yet we tend to choose convenience over success.

Our mind is like a muscle, it needs to be trained.

Some might consider this an unimportant topic and believe the status & money that align with success will solve all their problems. As it is also important to chase success, nothing will change your belief system unless you do.

Remember, you attract what you are.
Addressing your thoughts is important, and using the right techniques, you can attract more opportunities by having the right energy.

Again, It doesn’t matter how successful you get, your mindset will always be your biggest asset.

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Common Mental Blocks stopping you from Becoming a Successful Musician

1. Self-doubt:

There’s no better way to break down what you’re building than to doubt yourself. We all face self-doubting thoughts, it happens. But once you release yourself from these thoughts and replace them with positive self-motivating ones, your whole life changes.
Hanging on to negative self-imagery will downgrade your progress as a musician, not the other way around.

2. Fixed Mindset:

A lot of people who refrained from pursuing a music career have a fixed mindset. they believe that everyone is born with certain skills and there’s no room for growing our skillset, everything is about talent.

While some people may have an edge over others in terms of talent, we are supposed to fail and grow. We are not born into the proficiencies we master. It takes time, effort, failure, and many hardships to get to your desired end goal.

3. Comparison:

Comparing yourself to other artists who “made it big” or “blew up fast” is ridiculous. We all have a different journey, and for some people, the right opportunities are waiting just around the corner. Keep making music and doing what you love. The time will come where you’ll get your “big break”.

4. Tunnel vision:

While it’s important to have the one ultimate desire that drives you on the inside, life is all about balance. What that means is… you also need to keep an eye on other things besides your goals, such as your health, work-life balance, etc. These aspects of your life eventually compliment your desired goal by helping you grow.

5. Giving up after setbacks:

You will feel uninspired and lose motivation, there’s no doubt. Disappointment will come at you a lot. You are going to feel frustrated and want to give up multiple times.
These feelings of giving up strike the best of us, and you must know it’s natural to start thinking about giving up music. But don’t!

As I mentioned earlier, failure is important. It shows you what you did wrong and teaches you further about what you need to do afterward. Facing hard setbacks like rejection, low engagement rates on your music, and so on, are all a part of your career.
You need to fail, you need to learn, you need to try better. And you will succeed. Trust the process!

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Start Making a Change Today

The best thing for you as a young musician trying to make it is a growth mindset. In short, having a growth mindset is the belief that your most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point.

It’s absolutely vital that you implement a growth mindset. You won’t make it by relying solely on talent. You should focus on growing and developing as a musician. Give yourself a break, it doesn’t happen overnight.

It might take years of unrewarding, difficult work before your music finds a place in the world. This is what sets apart serious musicians from amateur ones. The one with the desire to become a musician and has a genuine love for music is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to become a professional one.

Common practices that’ll grow your mental toughness and self-belief involve Visualization, frequent positive thinking, gratitude, and self-discipline. Start working on each one today by making small steps.

Are you willing to make sacrifices? Are you ready to work and prepare yourself for the possible pitfalls of the road to success?

Share with me in the comments what are some mental blocks you have dealt with or currently dealing with. Do you feel like it’s stopping you from making massive progress towards your desired goals? Let me know.
Whatever it is, I believe in you!

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