The Best Types of Video Content for Musicians

This is the second part of the Video Content Series. In the first part, we discussed the Importance of Video Content including the growth of video streaming in recent years.
Today, we’re going to be mentioning the best types of video content you should be putting out.

To maximize exposure and become efficient with video content, one must try all kinds of it. It’s all about analyzing what kind of content your audience seems to engage with the most, then getting back at them with even more of that type of content.

Personal videos, Backstage clips, Interviews and Fan vids all seem to perform the best engagement wise.

Whether it’s for youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc, these 11 types of video content will help you attract more potential fans and future listeners.

1- Music Videos:

Music videos are a great way to put your songs into visual expressions.
In fact, by using the right techniques… you can make your music videos go viral. That’ll put your music in a position to be explored by many people since one viral video can help you “blow up”!

The common types of Music Videos are Traditional Music Videos, Lyric Videos, and Animations.

Traditional Music Videos- The traditional/official music videos are the ones most likely to go viral. You can get creative with them as they usually display a deeper breakdown behind the meaning of your lyrics.

Lyric videos- They display the official lyrics of your song and can be created cheaply. You have the opportunity to use them for building momentum and hype before releasing official music videos.

Animation Videos- If you’re tech-savvy, taking the time to work on Animated Music Videos can work out for you. They are fun to watch and are easier to grab attention. Original, professionally made animation should not be confused with AMVs that are fan compositions.

2- Live Performance Pieces:

Releasing live performance clips can do wonders for exposure. Firstly, they show people what they are missing when they don’t come to your shows. Secondly, you show the world how you rock the crowd and the following you have.

These clips show bookers what you have to offer, and are very likely to go viral if you featured unreleased music in your performance.

3- Backstage Views:

Giving fans behind-the-scenes and backstage moments is a great way to engage them. Show them how you prepare for your shows, film music videos, record your music, etc. Give them a true outlook on the way you make things work.

Backstage Video

4- Talking about a Song

Taking it to social media to discuss and explain your song will display creativity and authenticity among your followers. Show your audience the real meaning of certain parts of your tracks. Break down your lyrics and build your credibility.

5- Showcasing the production of a New Track

One of the Most hardworking musicians out there right now is Russ. He’s a talented individual who made it big and still sells out Huge Arenas. One thing I like about him though is how he frequently engages with his fans through social media.
One of the ways he does that is by showing fans how he produces his tracks. All the samples, keys, and 808s he uses in one video dedicated to showing his fans how he works on his beats.

If you’re an artist and a producer, you can do the same thing. If you don’t work on production though, then you can show your fans how you come up with different song lyrics and rhyme-schemes.

6- Tutorials/Educational pieces

Educate us and teach us how to do what you do!
Doing tutorials and instructing your fans on different subjects is an awesome way to build your following and provide value.

You can teach your fans how to play an instrument, or even educate them on The Music Business.

7- Promotional Videos

You can promote a gig you’re about to be featured in to up those ticket sales. Why not also share some snippets of your next single and build some hype around it?

It’s all about updating your fans and marketing your projects. Record a short video and let them know what’s up.

8- Fan Videos

Do you want to create an army of loyal fans? Here’s a tip, show them you care.

As a music artist, you have to build a community and engage your fans in whichever way you can. That means reposting their videos of you (live videos, dancing to your songs, etc) and making them a part of your content.

It would be nice to even offer to meet one loyal fan then sharing a video of the time you spent with them.

Video camera

9- Interviews

Your fans are always interested in learning more about you and you’re thoughts on different subjects. Take it to social media and make a Q&A. To make the most out of it, separate the Q&A to several posts, the more the better.

Also, share official interviews of you to spark curiosity among your following and ask fans to go watch them!

10- Personal Videos

Stepping out of your artistic frame once in a while is not bad. Vlogging is a great way to show fans what a day in your life looks like and connect with them. Show them what activities drive you or how you spend your mornings/nights.

11- Freestyling/Playing an instrument

And finally… my personal favorite. Showcasing your talent is an awesome way of engaging your fans and making your content more interesting than it already is.

Freestyling is highly recommended for rap artists as it shows you care about lyricism and the rap culture. A lot of rappers participated in freestyles before they ever got famous. These videos of them freestyling show exactly how dedicated they were to their craft.

Final tips

Get versatile with it. These types of video content can be published anywhere on social media, on whatever platform you choose. It all depends on how much you choose to put into it.

Add a call-to-action at the end of your videos when necessary. Since the purpose of such content might be for lead generation, you could tell them to go listen to your new track.

when possible, try to make your videos as short and straight to the point as possible to maximize engagement. As I mentioned at the start of the article, always measure the type and amount of engagement you get from your content. It’ll help you know what is performing best and what kind of Video Content you should create more of.

Remember, Content is king, so create, edit, share, and engage!

Let me know in the comments what type of video content is your favorite, and what makes it so beneficial for your brand exposure.

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