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The Best Resources for Pursuing a Music Career in 2020

Becoming a musician in this day and age has never been easier. All the information and resources you need are out there and ready to hand.
However, the Music Industry is growing and changing every year. And to stand out, you need to take advantage of the best latest resources to kickstart your music career in 2020.

Since the Internet has become loaded with fake figures, a lot of unnecessary/false information is out there. As a musician starting out, you need to make sure you’re taking in the best of the best.
So for the sake of helping you become a musician in 2020, this post is going to feature a recap of the best and well-updated resource articles of the decade.

The Information you need to pursue a music career in 2020

I can guarantee all the resources in this list will guide you to properly kickstart a music career and increase your chances of “blowing up”.
Take the time to read each article and remember to enjoy the process!
It’s essential to take notes to make the most out of this information (if you’re serious about pursuing a music career). Prepare a note pad or open a Doc., and let’s get into it.

The Music Business:

Understanding the Music Industry: Music Publishers, Syncs and Licensing

Understanding the Music Industry is a series that outlines the framework of the business, explaining the roles of the industry professionals, what their jobs entail, when is it important to involve them and deal specifics that you want to be aware of. Artist managers, booking agents, music publishers, labels, A&Rs and others […]

The Right Mindset for Success:


We work in an industry where we spend an enormous amount of energy and time creating and promoting a product without knowing if there is an audience for it, and this can be a tough realization. As you know, making a living in the music industry is very difficult to […]

2. How a Growth and Confidence Mindset Can Transform Your Music Career

It’s all in your mind: your success, your growth, your opportunities, your pathway forward.
Sure, there’s work involved too. There are tasks and to-do items to take care of on a weekly basis for you to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. But in the end, it all starts […]


1. 10 Tips on How To Be A Better Songwriter (Number 3 is a Kicker)

Whether you’re just starting out or at it for some time, there will always be room for becoming a better songwriter.
You probably know where you’re currently at in your songwriting journey and might already have an idea as to what your weaknesses and strengths are. Getting better, therefore, maybe a […]

2. Five Ways to Become a Better Songwriter

Getting good at songwriting takes time. Plenty of time. And plenty of practice.
And while the Internet is full of people promising to make this process super easy for you, the simple truth is that 90% of your growth as a songwriter comes from you sitting in a quiet room and […]

3. 12 Ridiculous Songwriting Tips That Actually Work

these tips are the special ones. The ones that put you and your ideas first. The ones that open up some time to really focus, experiment and make your songs work. Here are 12 ridiculous songwriting tips to get your songs on track […]

Girl is writing a song

Music Production:

1. 72 Music Production Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

Here are 72 tips I wish I knew when I started producing (by Zac Citron) […]


Becoming an accomplished music producer is a long process, whether you’re aspiring for the top notch studio or simply want to know how to produce good music at home. The ways of getting better at music production are diverse, but there are some common pitfalls to try and avoid. The following set of music production tips will […]

Developing your sound:

1. How Any Musician Can Develop Their Unique Sound

If you’re a musician, you want to be original. To have your sound. To be unique. The problem with being original is that it’s a myth. We are all a product of our influences. Those who are considered the most original are those who know how to wield seemingly incompatible influences into something unique […]

2. How to Identify and Develop Your Sound

Developing one’s sound is a very important task for any artist – not only from a branding standpoint but from an artistic position as well. You want to generate something that’s cutting-edge and different from the static of the million other acts trying to make it. As an artist, however, you […]

Branding You Music:


Whether you’re pursuing music full- or part-time, you’ve likely been asked by family, friends, or perfect strangers about how you plan to make it in the music industry. Annoying, sure, but it’s a fair question. It’s a tough industry to crack and success takes much more than musical talent. Unlike in the past, however, […]

Creating a brand for music is a particularly difficult task, as a musician’s work tends to be varied and is often in a state of constant evolution. More often than not artists neglect some key elements when establishing their brand. We don’t suggest that you alter the music itself for the sake of branding […]

Independent distribution:

1. Everything Musicians Need to Know about Music Distribution

Music distribution is the link between your finished record and your future fans. Distribution is a crucial part of music promotion. Brick and mortar music distributors used to be the only way for record labels and independent artists to get their records in the hands of listeners […]

2. The independent musician’s guide to digital distribution

You’re an artist and you’ve recorded a song you want people to hear. You’ve already done the difficult part of working out arrangements and laying everything to tape or hard drive. Now it’s time to release your music via a music distribution service. These days, the smartest way to get your work out to the whole world is […]

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In an attempt to offer new insight and educational content for independent artists, we’re excited to give these music industry professionals of the future a journalistic platform. This piece speaks to the process of self-management when first starting out your music career […]

Making money with music:

1. Start making money as a musician with this helpful guide

I was searching for ways a musician can make money, and I encountered a huge amount of information out there, it overwhelmed me quickly. As an upcoming musician, I would imagine the same happened to you. From streaming revenue to licensing and brand partnerships, making money as a musician can […]


Do you need to “know somebody” or “get lucky” to build a fan base and grow an income as an artist? Absolutely not!
As long as you’re making good music in a genre that has an audience, there’s a straightforward way to predictably and reliably grow your fan base… while you get to focus on the music […]

Music Marketing & Promotion:


Whether you’re a band, a solo artist/MC, or a producer, chances are that you will have to rely on yourself first when it comes to promoting the music you create. And that’s OK! We’re living in an age that finds social and promotional platforms at our fingertips […]

2. How to Promote Your Music on a Budget (3 Essential Strategies)

Yes—money does help. Major labels can push releases into the ears of millions of people. They can do this because they have capital. But there’s another side to it: You don’t need a lot of money to get your music heard… in fact, you might not need any money at all […]


As the possibilities of online marketing grow, so does the ways you can promote your music as a musician online. Gone are the days where artists need a lucky shot to get big, as social media and online music sharing have empowered musicians to do their own music marketing […]

4. 7 top marketing strategies for musicians

For many artists, marketing is somewhat at odds with who they are and what they do. Since music and the act writing songs is often deeply personal and emotional, getting into a music marketing strategy mindset might seem foreign, fake or forced for some musicians […]

Building a Team:

1. How to Build the Dream Team for Your Music Career

Music is a team sport. Achieving whatever goals you’ve put in place for yourself as an artist is winning. Although we’re constantly presented with the idea of DIY these days, having the right team in place is crucial to the artist’s success in today’s environment […]

As a musician, you’ve probably got more things to do than you have time in the day, right? You need to write, practice, play, rehearse, perform, and record. But you ALSO need to manage your social media pages, manage your email list and email your fans, plan your music releases, pitch your songs to bloggers, music supervisors, etc […]

3. Creating a Winning Team to Support Your Artist or Band

As an artist or manager, you’ll likely be working solo and DIY’ing it in the beginning, or for perhaps for a long ass time. But eventually, you’re going to want to start building a team around your brand/artist/band to help take that brand to new heights and new fans […]

Music Team

Avoiding Music Industry Scams:

1. Spotting a Potential Scamming Manager

Whether you’re looking for a manager or have been approached by some, finding the right person for you can be a bit challenging.
After you look into a manager’s qualities and gain interest, you have to verify the person.
You will talk to many people who claim to have been managing […]

2. The Music Industry is Evolving Faster Than Ever, and So Are The Scammers

In early 2018, Jay James was gearing up for the rollout of his new album, when all is said and done. Although it wasn’t the San Diego-based composer and producer’s first project, James believed that the album could be his big break. For the first time in his music career, the young artist decided […]

3. 12 Music Industry Scams: Everything You Need to Know

Navigating a complicated, ever-changing industry such as the music business is difficult for everyone. But because a tiny percentage make it look easy, it’s no surprise others will stop at nothing to gain a competitive edge, or think shortcuts are the fastest route to fame […]

Approaching record labels:

1. How To Approach Record Labels

Sending demo after demo and getting no response from anybody? Don’t worry, It’s quite normal. The industry we find ourselves in is a highly competitive space and labels are inundated often overwhelmed by artists trying to get on their label. This is very much a process and one if you think about differently […]

2. How to Approach a Record Label: 19 Tips + Email Writing Hacks

It’s a given that most artists out there want to be signed by a record label. Before you think about approaching a record label, here are some helpful insider tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the pack and show you the easiest way to get signed to a record label […]


1. YouTube Ads For Musicians

Having made a compelling video with potential is a great first step to industry success, but getting that video in front of the eyes of potential fans is a separate challenge. In this article, we look at the ins and outs of YouTube ads, and how artists can implement them in helping their videos get discovered […]


The words ‘Facebook page’ and ‘music career’ tend to pop up in a lot of the same sentences these days, with the health of the former typically being seen as vital to the success of the latter. It’s easy to see why: many labels and promoters assume that a band with a lot of Facebook fans is […]

3. How to Advertise Your Music on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best ways to build your brand and showcase your personality as a musician. But now that the social media platform boasts 700 million monthly active users, advertising your music on Instagram has become more competitive, so you need to be savvier than ever before to reach new fans […]

Facebook ad creation


1. A Musician’s Guide to Booking Concerts and Gigs

Playing live may be the most important thing a band can do, but booking a gig can seem like an overwhelming process—especially when a band is doing all the booking themselves. If your band is unsigned, playing live is a great way to build up a loyal fan base, get some media attention, etc […]


No matter what anyone tells you, we have yet to figure out a digital musical experience that can equal the fan connections a band can conjure through their live show. There is something in our DNA that is profoundly impacted by live music. Maybe it’s the shared experience with those in attendance or […]


1. Sharpen Your Performance Skills With These 6 Daily Tasks 

Sometimes, rising artists find it hard to get into the habit of performing and lack the knowledge as well as skills for throwing an awesome performance. A performance that will not only put them on the map but also leave an unforgettable experience for their fans. As a young artist, you constantly strive to become better on stage […]

2. Live Performance Tips For Musicians

At a live show, music lovers get to taste music in a whole different way. It is an epic experience for both the musicians and the fans which allows them to connect through the performance. Whether you are an amateur or you have done it so many times before, it is vital to […]

3. Top 10 Tips For a Better Performance

There is a lot of prep and work to nailing a performance but there are some simple things you can do. Thanks to award-winning singer/songwriter and veteran voice teacher Mark Bosnianwe have 10 tips for a better performance that can take you to the next level […]

live performance

Keeping up with The Latest Industry Trends:

1. The Trends Likely to Shape The Music Industry in 2020

The music industry has changed at a crazy speed throughout the last couple of decades. The rise of the Internet has shaped music in ways we never thought possible, giving the power back to artists and consumers. With this shift, however, record labels experienced a severe crisis which had an […]

2. 10 Trends That Will Reshape the Music Industry

The IFPI has reported that global recorded music revenues have hit $19.1 billion, which means that MIDiA’s own estimates published in March were within 1.6% of the actual results. This revenue growth story is strong and sustained but the market itself is undergoing dramatic change. Here are 10 trends that will reshape the recorded music business […]

Hopefully, these resources will be enough to ease your way into understanding the music business and start making a living from music. Nevertheless, reading each of these articles (It’s Important to Take Notes!) will take you a huge step further into a music career very likely to flourish!

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