The Best Instagram Accounts for Aspiring Musicians

Instagram has long been a major player in the music industry.
It’s been serving both artists and fans, and became a well-known resource for the latest music industry news.

Engaging in socials can be beneficial for your growth. However, it depends on what kind of content you’re engaging with. If you ultimately want to be the best version of yourself, you’re not going to want to spend hours scrolling through meaningless content.

You want to stay ahead of the competition and be presented with the most valuable content for your career growth.

How is this going to help me?

If you could use the opportunity to be exposed to even more knowledge while you’re on social media, why not take it?
Why not utilize it to grow your music career instead of engaging in irrelevant matters?

Truth is, we can get caught up on so many unimportant posts that don’t bring any value to our daily life. Sometimes even becoming harmful to our mental health!

For that reason, I decided to feature the best Instagram accounts for rising artists like you. This way, you’ll be able to get as much value as you can while scrolling through your endless feed.

Here are 15 Instagram accounts you should be following:

1. Cosmic Academy (@cosmicacademy)

Cosmic Academy is an Artist Development Program that worked with artists like Zedd and A&G.
They have a very helpful Instagram page that includes all kinds of tips from Productivity, Sound Engineering, Inspirational Content, and so on. You don’t want to miss out on this one.


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2. Music Marketing Specialist (@adamivy)

Adam Ivy is a well-known Music Producer and Marketing Specialist. He has a big Youtube channel where he talks about all kinds of topics. A lot of that content is featured on his Instagram page where he also posts memes (Educational ones) and all kinds of challenges that promote hard work and dedication among young artists. You can get great value from him.


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3. It’s TSand Foo! (@tsandbeats)

TSand is a music producer that posts a lot of advice regarding exposure in the music industry, growing your fanbase, as well as some inspirational tweets. He definitely deserves a follow.


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4. Avora Now (@avoranowcom)

Avora Now is an Invite-Only Music Distribution Company. They post very valuable growth tips including marketing and income-generating strategies, fanbase building, mental toughness, and much more.
Give them a follow to stay motivated and productive.


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5. The Music Career Guide (@musicareerguide)

A shameless plug here I know, but you saw it coming.
My official Instagram page for this blog. I post all kinds of tips for upcoming musicians regarding growth in the industry, combined with inspirational tweets and quotes from your favorite artists. You’ll find advice about social media marketing, mindset improvement, mental toughness, and more engaging content. Connect with me!


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6. Music Entrepreneur Club (@musicentrentrepreneurclub)

The Music Entrepreneur Club has a podcast that includes well-known guest speakers. They share a lot of videos from that podcast where they talk about a whole lot of topics. Everything from money-making strategies in the music industry, growing your brand, connecting with the right people, and more. Give them a follow to stay updated with the latest industry trends.


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7. Kato On The Track (@katoproducer)

Kato is a Music Producer and Entrepreneur. He posts a lot of advice for producers as well as artists on staying fired up about your goals, making money from your music, and growing your career. You can get great value from the content he puts out!


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8. De Novo Agency (

De Novo Agency helps musicians grow by utilizing music marketing based on data. On their Instagram page, you can find a lot of tips about attracting fans and understanding algorithms, while they also post data-driven content that offers various interesting insights. They can help you a lot so make sure to check out their content!


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9. Q Music (@qmusicpromotions)

Q Music is an advertising agency that posts a lot of helpful content. Anything from IG growth tips and content creation to songwriting and fanbase building, you can find on their page. Give them a follow to stay ahead of the competition!


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10. Legion Beats (@legionbeats)

Legion Beats is a group of producers that worked with famous artists like Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. They post a lot of tips about improving your mindset, taking your career to the next level, and staying motivated through hardships. A lot of their content is inspirational and deserves a follow!


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Before you head off…

Even though the pages mentioned can bring a lot of value to your career growth, that doesn’t mean you should spend hours every day on social media. As I mentioned earlier, it can be easy to get caught up on irrelevant matters, and that’s not what we’re are trying to achieve with this post.

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