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8 Ways you can develop as a young artist

Are you here because you can’t seem to take your music career to the next level? Are you working on your music every day but feel there is a need for more improvement?

Well… you came to the right place. As an artist you should always have room for development, that is a neverending road. If you are just starting, I have very good news for you, I did some research and found what you’re looking for, having an authentic style and music taste is not enough.

So if you’re looking to kickstart your successful music career right now, stick with me and I’ll share with you 8 ways you can develop as a young artist and stand out from other ones.

1. Practice every day

To be a successful artist you need to work on consistency, which means practicing every day, whether it’s on an instrument, vocals, songwriting, mixing, mastering, etc.
Each day set an hour or two to practice, sit in a quiet environment and minimize distractions to make sure you’re getting your best results from it.

Make sure you’re spending most of your time to improve the elements you lack proficiency in and day to day it’ll become easier for you to work on your music as the hard work will pay off.

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2. Do not stay in your comfort zone

Many people see it as the opposite, but let me tell you this, the comfort zone is a very dangerous place!

There are so many artists out there that chose to stay in their comfort zone; avoiding opportunities to study new things, becoming familiar with the latest music dropping, finding ways to improve their craft; the list goes on and on.

As a young artist, you should always be looking to experiment with new things within the industry, ready to develop the quality of your craft as well as building relationships with likeminded people.

Get ready to learn and try everything, you might get a hold of something special within your music that many people are unfamiliar with.

3. Make & plan a list of goals

Where do you want to go with your career? Are you a local artist that wants to play in coffee shops? Or an aspiring artist that wants to sell out a worldwide stage?

Form a list that includes short and long-term goals, always check that list and add notes to it following the progress you’re making. As time goes by you are going to be extra aware of your progress as an artist, which will motivate you to chase your goals more and more!

Of course, having a list of goals isn’t enough to start working on them, you need to plan your steps if you want to achieve more. By applying a plan and starting small, you will get to see more work getting done, knowing that you have your set of goals figured out.

4. Be patient

Remember that you always need to be patient, having a music career is not easy and the success doesn’t come overnight. Nothing is perfect and the way you can make it work is by working hard and willing to put the effort. It’s going to be a bumpy road and the one thing you can do is to be patient and prepared.

5. Your music is your business

If a music career is something you truly seek, then you have to start taking your music much more seriously.

Being a professional musician means growing your craft, fan base, and brand. You are building a business and your tracks are the product, which means to succeed you need to get better at improving it, as well as managing and selling your product.

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It’s never too late to start implementing the businessman’s perspective, so go out there and start building relationships to help you in the long run, have a business plan, a marketing strategy, and know your audience to benefit your product, while improving yourself and growing your business.

6. Know your industry

To develop as an artist you need to be constantly familiar with mainstream music, what are other artists dropping, and what is everybody talking about. What is the leading genre nowadays and what singer got a grammy or what rapper released the latest mixtape?

As someone who enjoys music and seeks a career in it, you should know the answer to these questions, which can benefit you to implement new elements to your craft and share it.

Catch up with your favorite artist’s songs and watch their steps, give yourself a chance to be inspired by the greatest to ever do it because as we mentioned before, it’s never too late to learn something new.
You might get new song ideas or get inspiration to study a new instrument… everything that revolves around improving as a musician.

7. Own your music

After working hard and developing artistically, you already reached a point where you can share music confidently and call it your own.
If you shared it on various platforms, start licensing it immediately.

There are many musicians out there that are ready to get a hold of an unlicensed track and willing to steal a verse or the hook… or even the whole song.
Beware of things like this happening because before you know it the other artist is going to have a copyright and you will get accused of using “his/her” material.

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8. Keep looking forward and invest

The most important key to achieving a successful music career is to keep moving forward.
It all starts with you investing in yourself, so you have to be willing to work hard and learn.

Investing time, effort, and as we all know at some point, money. I see many young talented artists that would rather spend their money on cars, jewelry, and clothes just to feed their persona… before you know it, they go broke and you slowly stop hearing from them. Don’t be like that!

You should be investing in your skills, marketing, a team of mentors, and your wealth. Be ready for the extra cash coming in and don’t make these other artist’s mistakes, build your foundation and always keep in mind that investing in your knowledge is a top priority.
If you can’t even invest in yourself to become and develop a professional career in music, how do you expect your fan base to invest in you?

I truly hope I managed to help you with this list, make sure to check out more of our artist development tips, remember that nothing comes easy, so to step up you must keep grinding and working your way to the top, I believe in you!

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