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5 Ways to Hype Up a New Project and Make your Fans Go Crazy

Dropping a new project is always exciting.
You can’t wait to release it on all streaming platforms, and show the world what you brought to the table.

There’s no denying the importance of marketing and promotion, which obviously needs to be followed by your release.
However, to get the most amount of plays once your single/album drops, you need to have built up hype for it.

There’s no point in making music for people who don’t know it exists.

Using the right techniques, you’ll be able to build massive hype and make sure your project reaches every potential listener.

Remember the days when you dropped a new project and it didn’t get as much engagement as you’d like? All the self-doubt and loss of motivation you faced at that time? That suffering ends now.

Here are 5 strategies to build hype around a new project you’re dropping-and actually get plays.

5 Ways to Build Up Hype for a New Project

Each of these strategies can be executed alone, but imagine the results when you use a couple (or all).

1. Social Media Teasers:

Using your social media following to build hype around your release can be very beneficial.

Some useful ways to do that include tweeting random lyrics. Fans love that. The curiosity of understanding the purpose behind these tweets will leave them asking for more.

Take a look at some of these tweets that teased upcoming projects.

1. Chance the rapper tweets the opening line from Frank Ocean’s “Nikes”.

2. BTS’s RM teases his second mixtape with a 25-second clip.

3. Chris Brown teases collaboration with Drake, that later turned out to be the track “No Guidance”

You can also use your Instagram stories to share artwork or sound snippets. This builds massive hype around your loyal fans and will make them share it with their friends which will guarantee you even more exposure.

People love mystery. Take advantage of that by teasing them with track titles, catchy bars, and artwork snippets.

When they see that you’re excited about this new project release, they’ll be very excited as well.

  • Remember that people are more attracted to video content, so make the best out of that.

2. Storytelling:

Storytelling does a great job of luring people into your music. The emotion and meaning conveyed in your music build a connection with your potential listeners, which makes your music more likely to be played and shared.

Share your struggles, values, influences, etc. Let them know what lead to making this project.

When people get familiar with the origin of the song/album, they’ll be able to feel and resonate with it more, which will very likely convert them to a fan.

Take advantage of power words– these are persuasive, emotional words that trigger a positive or negative response. Incorporating them into your storytelling can do wonders in terms of conversion and selling. Use them to make your story more compelling.

Use as many media outlets as you can to share the message behind your new project. Remember, as a young artist you have to put yourself out there in every way possible.

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3. Throw a listening party:

Throwing a listening party can do great for many reasons.

Firstly, it’s a perfect way to introduce fans to your work. By giving them an exclusive event to listen to your new release, fans will feel privileged, therefore, they’ll share their experience and create more hype for you across social platforms!

As previously stated, storytelling is important. Make sure to use your party to discuss your release and tell the story behind your work. You can also include a Q&A session to further display your personality in this new project.


Listening parties always generate buzz, so ask everyone who attends your party to share it as well to maximize reach.

It’s important to get other people to talk about it and have proper media coverage, which brings me to my next point…

4. Get other people to talk about it:

Contacting music influencers or even fellow artists for collaboration can be great for exposure and hype.

The point is to get someone who is credible in the industry to talk about your release.

Contact relevant influencers and artists then ask them if they’d be willing to collaborate. They can include your song in the background of a new post and mention you. You can both exchange shoutouts so you’re also offering them value.
Everything is possible as long as they mention it’s your new release.

Even if it doesn’t get you much coverage, it’ll give you something to build on.

This will be a great ROI for you as your music is exposed to a new audience while it also teases your current listeners.


5. Engage/Include the fans:

If you want your fans to be excited when you release a new project, make them a part of it.

Including your fans in the creation of your project gets them super excited, which results in them sharing it with everyone they know. What this means is… more exposure for you!

For example, Tory Lanez is known to start Instagram live sessions and make songs off scratch with the help of his fans.
He involves them by letting them choose Beats, Melodies, and Hooks, and takes their feedback on what sounds better.

This is great since it strengthens the bond between him and his fans while hyping them up with some new sounds.
Once the single drops, they’ll be very hyped for it since they contributed to it’s making.

Start engaging your fans on Social Platforms, ask for their feedback on artwork, melodies, beats. Ask them what they prefer and make them a part of the conversation.

When that project finally drops, they’d be the first to play and share it!

Are you ready to build hype and maximize plays?

As an artist who’ve built a following, you’ll know which strategy is going to work best for you.

The most important thing to remember is, don’t lie about your project and make it seem more than what it is.

Make a catchy song, tease it and build hype, release it and watch fans go crazy, then do some more marketing and promotion to maximize it’s potential.

It’s as easy as it sounds, now go and work on it!

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