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5 Qualities that make a good artist manager

This is part 2 of the Artist Management series, in part 1 we specified the importance of having a good manager at the start of your career.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the 5 qualities you should look for when hiring a manager.

Hiring a manager doesn’t have to be hard, but it must be a smart process, and you will have to share a lot of your information with the person your hiring, so the first thing to do is look for these 5 qualities in your potential manager.

1. Good communication and social skills:

A good manager will have to master communication skills and be excellent with people. To be able to develop relationships, build your team and build trust around your name.
He/she will talk to labels, promoters, producers, etc, who might work with you and must keep those relationships alive.
Those relationships will benefit you and help you reach more opportunities.

2. Well organized:

A good manager will be responsible for all your projects and determined to put everything together.
If anything falls apart, your manager needs to solve the problem and do his/her best to get the most out of your campaigns, shows, financial state, etc.

Manager counting expenses

3. On the right track:

A good manager needs to be up to date with the end goal. If he/she does something to jeopardize your career by forcing acts or deals you don’t see yourself in, then you need to show the way out.
Your career is always the top priority and his work should be guided by your goals.

4. Belief and support:

The most important quality of a good manager.
A manager should be supportive and believe in you no matter what. I don’t even see why would you hire a manager who doesn’t believe in you.
He/she will look after you, see a vision in your future, be dedicated to your success and aspirations, and always be honest with you.

5. Man of the moment:

Your manager is the one who solves your problems, helps you in a time of need and has your back when things don’t go as planned.
When a deal breaks down, your show gets canceled or your songs get leaked, your manager will have to keep the calmness in the room and work on your problems efficiently.

These are the 5 qualities that a manager must possess to have an impact on your career.
If you know a manager with those 5 qualities, you found your person.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to picking the right manager though. It’s a huge process to start thinking about letting another person handle your business for you.

You have to build trust between you and that person, to check his proper skill-set and how that person is coordinated with your goals and priorities. Don’t be afraid to work it out alone in the beginning.
Keep it simple and make the right decision.

In the next and last part of the artist management series, we’re going to talk about manager scams and how to avoid them, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, why don’t you comment and give me your opinion regarding these 5 qualities?

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