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5 Non-Musical skills musicians need to succeed in 2020

Do you ever feel like being a musician isn’t really about… music? anymore?

Truth is, the music industry is constantly growing and changing. What used to work for artists back in the 2000s, didn’t work for them in the 2010s, and sure won’t work today.

We’ve been witnessing a growth wave in the music industry for the past couple of years. 2019 has been the fifth straight year of growth for the global recorded music industry according to a recent analysis by Musically.

The days when success in music used to rely on talent alone have gone, and the digital era has brought new challenges for musicians.
On the other hand, it has become easier for musicians to reach their target audience and market themselves better since the Internet rose to a new level of prominence.

Hard work still must be done, and as a music artist, it’s always best to keep learning and expanding your skillset.

The power of branding and marketing has gone to a bigger extent, proving that business skills (in addition to musical skills) are essential to achieve a successful music career.
Hence, here are 5 non-musical skills that are essential to achieve music industry success in 2020.

5 Non-Musical skills you need to become a Successful Musician

1. SMM

Social Media Marketing is very important.

When long ago you had to appeal to millions of people to succeed, social media has opened a road for you to market yourself more easily, effectively helping you in increasing engagement with your target audience.

A study published in 2018 found that nine out of 10 social media users do a music-related activity within the framework of a social app, according to data compiled by research and analysis firm MusicWatch.

Your fans are all over social media, waiting for your next move, next project, next post, etc.
It’s your job to give them what they desire if you’re looking to increase your following and gain Fans.

Social Media Marketing is definitely a skill to be developed in 2020, and here are 8 tips to help you maximize your efforts with it.

Social Media Icons

2. Time-Management

Every hustler out there knows this. Time is the most important thing, and it’s something you can’t get back.

Time-management is a skill every business owner needs to master. And as you already know, your music is your business. 

You need to prioritize your goals in order to make sure you’re being as productive as you can. Some Time-management tactics include Automation, Delegation, and planning.

It’s the ultimate skill that dictates whether you’re a professional artist or an amateur one. Start planning your time in a much-organized way and learn to say no to your distractions!

3. Self-Reflection & Goal-Setting

Self-reflection is powerful. Reflection is the ability to think back, observe ourselves in action, and to learn from it.

As a music artist, you’re going to be facing many pitfalls and rejections. These are times you must be most aware and reflect on your mistakes, to grow and become an even better musician.

The ability to be mindful of your actions creates the ability to set proper goals for yourself. Knowing how to set the proper goals for your Music, Business, and personal life is going to give you an edge over the competition.

4. Social Skills

As much as you may hate it… being social and interacting is a must to grow your musical brand.

Ever heard the phrase-“It’s Not What You Know. It’s Who You Know”? Well, it’s true. Networking in the Music Industry is very important.

Whether you’re an introverted person like me or a person who enjoys talking in groups, socializing must be done. Once you know you have a valuable product (your music), you need to have the ability to show your audience what value you can add to their lives.

Start going out more, talk to inspiring people you know, share your knowledge with them and the music you make.

Remember, Word of Mouth is still one of the most effective marketing methods!


5. Mental Toughness:

Yes, Mental Toughness is a skill. Our mind is like a muscle, it needs to be trained. It can be your biggest enemy or your biggest supporter. Only you can decide.

A study published in 2014 found that music students who practiced mental toughness and visualized upcoming shows were able to significantly reduce music performance anxiety, and significantly improve performance preparation, confidence, courage, focus, and performance resilience.

Mastering mental toughness will help you move on and grow when you face the hardships of being a musician. Making you ready for the many rejections and difficult, unrewarding hours ahead.

Common practices that’ll grow your mental toughness and self-belief involve Visualization, frequent positive thinking, gratitude, and self-discipline.


These 5 skills are what’s needed to guarantee you “make it” as a music artist. They compliment your musical skills by making you more confident, driven, professional, and successful!

Start working on them today and put yourself one step ahead of the competition.

Let me know in the comments what’s one skill you master from the ones mentioned above, and which one you’re aiming to improve in 2020.

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